Add Subtitles on your YouTube Videos? The Number of Visitors Will increase Rapidly

Subtitle Use in YouTube Videos: This feature of YouTube can give you many benefits. Subtitles for YouTube videos can quickly increase viewership. With these subtitles, even a person who knows another language can watch and understand your video. Learn how to add subtitles to YouTube videos to increase channel viewership. so you can use it.

YouTube Videos: How to Add Subtitles on Youtube Video

For this first log in to your channel on desktop, click on the upload video icon, and start uploading the video. When you upload the video you need to provide many details related to the video and fill it out. Next, after going to the video elements, you will get the option to add subtitles. When you click on Add, you will get three options upload file, type auto-sync manually.

YouTube New Feature: Upload files

Suppose you have a script that you have used in your own video. Then you can choose the With Timing option. If you want to sync subtitles, you can select the Without timing option. With this, YouTube itself automatically syncs the subtitles of your videos.

Subtitle Use in YouTube Videos

Subtitle Use in YouTube Videos: Automatic Sync

By choosing this option you will copy and paste your caption, then YouTube will automatically sync the subtitles according to the video.

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YouTube New Feature: Type manually

With this option you can also manually type subtitles for your video. Next, once you check the subtitle, match it with the video. If necessary, you can edit it and change the time. If any word is wrong in it, you can also correct it.

YouTube Videos: Check Subtitles

After the release of the video go to the channel and watch the video. With subtitles on, you will get subtitles with the video.

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