GTA 4 Mobile Beta Apk Download For Android [New Released]


GTA 4 Mobile Beta Apk Download For Android [New Released]

GTA 4 Mobile Beta Apk Download For Android [New Released]

GTA IV Mobile Beta Apk Download

GTA 4 mobile beta apk download for Android finally GTA 4 mobile beta available for Android device guys this is Best Fan-made Game must download and play Grand Theft Auto IV is a good solid game that promises and gives the player so much to do and provides an excellent and interesting story with indulging characters and a rich and full on detailed city.

GTA 4 Mobile Apk Data Download On Android

GTA 4 mobile beta apk finally launched hope you guys enjoy this is GTA 4 game because GTA 4 original game is very popular game so download now this open world game on your Android and play it. Grand Theft Auto IV has a good story that is well thought of and constructed from the very beginning, the story is long and detailed and can end in 2 different ways. The Gameplay is a step up from what has come before, it’s more refined in mechanics adding new things like rag doll effects, the ability to take cover behind walls and a bunch of other useful new things. This is all good but Grand Theft Auto IV leaves out a few simple things that make Grand Theft Auto what it is such as the Ammu-nation Stores, Bomb Shops, Tanks and Military Bases, the ability to buy houses, ability to swim, ability to customise cars to your liking and even more, Rockstar leaving this things out of a Grand Theft Auto Game to make it more realistic is a bad move as Grand Theft Auto being unrealistic suits the series more and makes the gameplay more fun and wilder which is what Grand Theft Auto games have been like in the past. Besides these problems Grand Theft Auto IV has some pros such as it’s great and detailed map, it’s high definition graphics, it’s wide and superb cast of characters and it’s amazing DLC’s which expand on the game’s universe and story a lot more. The Lost And The Damned and the Ballad Of Gay Tony are both DLC’s to Grand Theft Auto IV and are both really good as they bring in new hud styles, new weapons, new cars and a whole new outlook on Liberty City as a whole. Grand Theft Auto IV is a great action game and totally worth playing despite it’s minor problems and setbacks.

How To Download GTA 4 Beta Apk On Android

how to download GTA IV game on your Android? GTA 4 game finally released beta version for Android user so just follow my video and follow my simple steps to get your GTA 4 game download link hope you guys Happy for this.

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