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Pokémon Legends Download

Pokemon Legends is a fan-made MMO Pokemon game. It is playable in a browser.Pokemon Legends is built capitalizing on the experience of building multiple fan games over the years.The latest Poke-like title, Mons Paradise is NOW online! Based on the classic TV series. Perfectly remade.In this game, there are plenty of awesome and cool images to remind you of the childhood and start a new adventure Collet different kinds of monsters with just one-click and gather your unique team to battle with your rivals. Download for free and let the exploration begin. Upgrade and Evolve to Make Your Team Stronger Winning the battle needs every trainer take care of your mons to help them upgrade and evolve. Strengthen your monsters to defeat your enemies would give you great satisfaction.

—– Features—–
Catch Hundreds of Monsters to Gather a Team
981 monsters in the game for fans to catch, seize your surroundings and collect them all then select your favorite to build you own team. Each of the monsters is especially drawn by Japanese cartoon master only to give players a perfect visual experience. Tournaments are automated! There are various tournaments that begin every hour, as long as enough people are in the Arena to participate. Different tournaments have different level restrictions. Prizes include Shiny Pokemon! Download, register and login to the game to receive specially-prepared gift. And you can get more bonus if login for more days in a row. Just download and play for free now

Winning Requires Strategy and Wisdom Original 3V3 monster battle system with different levels of difficulty. You need to use your stragety to figure out the best match of monsters. Numerous levels for you to overcome and loot resources. The PVP mode is even more exciting, defeat your rival and finally take the championship! Various Mounts to Enhance Combat This title prepares a variety of mounts for trainers. Auto breeding and evolving will make it easier and save you a lot of time, the mounts will be more stylish as you wish. Besides, the little cute mounts can also enhance your team power so enemies can be destroyed more easily. Pokémon online MMORPG game which you can trade, battle, complete quests, claim rewards, and explore the Pokémon world in a whole new perspective with your friends.

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