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Pokemon Magical Monster APK Download

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Trainers, put the pieces of the monster together to complete the task. Unlock Instances Unlock as many instances as possible to get experience; play mysterious levels to get more powerful equips Recruit Pets Participate in events with diamonds, recruit advanced pets to attack boss quickly Team Collaboration Pets are from different camps. Combination of teams could bring special effects.Guild War Go to battle with guild members and challenge stronger enemies to get rich rewards.

The description of Magical Monster-Mega App

Advance Monsters
Advanced monsters shall be more powerful with cool appearance after evolution.
200+ pets, train and evolve them!

Earn Massive Gold
“Gold Coast” instance is the main approach to earn massive gold. More approaches of earning coins are waiting for you to discover.

Upgrade Equipment
Upgrade equipment with gorgeous metal obtained from recycled equipments, or consume an S above equipment to enhance the items.

Pair of Pets
If two pets can pair up as a team in battles, the team shall get ATK bonus, HP bonus, etc.

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