Haydos 380 Apk Download For Android & iOS | Official Cricket Game Matthew Hayden


Haydos 380 Apk Download For Android & iOS | Official Cricket Game Matthew Hayden


Experience Cricket like never before! Get ready to play as the Australia Legend Matthew Hayden himself and play all the different modes in the game. Haydos 380 is the most advanced next-generation 3D cricket game with real cricket simulation experience. The game has full-fledged commentary from Australian Cricket Legend Matthew Hayden which brings more excitement to the users. ‘Haydos 380’ name comes from the iconic innings played by Matthew in 2003. In this mode, users will be challenged to beat Matthew Hayden’s 380 runs or more from the 90 overs Test Cricket. You can either play as Haydos or create an avatar for yourself to take up the challenge. It is one of the challenging modes and it tests your patience and endurance! This mode also has a leaderboard, which ranks users based on their scores in the 380 modes. Participate in the 380 Challenge contests to Win unbelievable prizes.

Haydos 380 Apk Download For Android & iOS

TOURNAMENTS: Haydos 380 has a variety of World Cricket Championships including the World Cup, T20 World Cup, Premier Leagues including the Premier League and Aussie Big League Cricket. UNIQUE & ADVANCED GAMEPLAY:
Unlike other Cricket games, Haydos 380 gives you the Best Cricket Experience with its advanced real-time difficulty optimization algorithm with which you cannot cheat the AI, and also hitting continuous sixes will not be easy. The gameplay difficulty will be unpredictable throughout the game which makes every match a nail-biting match!

Haydos 380 Official Cricket Game Matthew Hayden

BEST GRAPHICS & ANIMATIONS: 500+ animations, 60+ Batting Shots, 10 Different Bowling Actions & Unique Face and Physique for Top Players. DOMINATE THE LEADERBOARD: Users receive League Credits (LCs) when they play each mode. In the competitive leaderboard, users can progress from “Beginner” to “Demi-God” which will show their supremacy over other players. The players also receive rewards based on their rankings on the leaderboard.

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